Basic Motor Insurance & Life skills for drivers

Basic Motor Insurance & Life skills for drivers



Drivers attain competence in driving. However, as they engage in their career, a number of rules and regulations including provisions in statutes come into play. Basic skills on motor insurance is an important for the drivers and logistic officers in any organization with motor vehicles. It is also the single largest contributor to the losses of such organization. Motor vehicle owners and the drivers have limited control over Third Party liability whereas Own Damage segment can be contained if prudently management. In the light of a sound management of such risk factors by the organizations and their drivers losses and claims will decline and as a result premium reductions. This course is therefore intended to give knowledge on compliance with the Traffic Act, overview of motor insurance requirements and dealing with road accidents when they occur.


  • Acquire a better understanding of risks associated with of Motor vehicles/cycles
  • Appreciate the insurance legislatives governing the use of motor vehicles
  • Analyze the levels and scope of motor insurance covers
  • Report losses/claims
  • Gain life skills related to their work
  • To observe protocol and etiquette in their line of duty


  • Motor Risks
  • Motor risks reduction and preventive measures
  • Insurance legislatives governing the use of motor vehicles
  • Scope of insurance covers
  • Types of motor vehicle/cycle insurance policies
  • Documents used in motor insurance
  • Loss/claims reporting procedure
  • Life Skills for motor vehicle drivers and operators
  • Protocol and etiquette for drivers


  • Motor vehicle drivers
  • Motor cycle riders
  • Staff handling motor vehicles in organizations
  • Logistic personnel in organization with motor vehicle
  • Fleet motor vehicle owners


Cost: 10,000.00


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