Corporate Governance & Leadership

Corporate Governance & Leadership

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Good governance underpins effective leadership of the organization.  Without sound governance practices organizations cannot operate effectively. Governance provides the systems through which organizations are managed, controlled and held accountable.  Key governance principles are considered essential practices in organizational leadership.

This course is designed to help the participants appreciate that corporate governance must be driven by total commitment and resolve of the collective board, the individual directors and the executive management. Participants will appreciate that good corporate governance is a progressive process to confront the continuing challenges faced by the corporation in the ever changing global economic environment


  • Gain understanding on the concept of Corporate Governance.
  • Explain various models and mechanisms of Corporate Governance.
  • Provide Directors and Senior Managers with the leadership skills to create and sustain a successful organization
  • Enable Directors embrace their role as change leaders through organizational transformation skills
  • Explain Corporate Governance principles
  • Understand and anchor good governance in the organizational culture
  • Integrate leadership and management to set the strategic direction
  • Analyze the corporate scandals versus best corporate practices


  • Introduction to Key Terms and Concepts in Governance and Integrity
  • Importance of Corporate Governance
  • Models of Corporate Governance and Mechanisms of Corporate Governance
  • Leadership skills used to create and sustain a successful organization
  • Corporate Governance principles
  • Responsibilities and Duties of the Board
  • Board Committees and their roles in organizational success
  • The Board and Strategy- managing the future from the present.
  • Legal and institutional framework in governance and integrity
  • Case studies on Good/bad Corporate Practices
  • Developing governance instruments and practices


The programme specifically caters for senior managers, directors and owners who have, or aspire to, strategic management responsibility within their firm.


Cost: 30,000.00


How to apply

All candidates must follow the application steps where they provide their details and select units. An invoice will be sent to the email address of the applicant with payment instructions.

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