Data Analytics-Appreciation Program

Data Analytics-Appreciation Program


Technology has been changing the aspirations and the behaviour of the Indian customer. Discerning consumers are increasingly evaluating goods and services online. Mobiles and computers are functioning as super markets. In the area of insurance, consumer expectations about practically every transaction like paying periodic premiums, accessing documents, renewing policies, hassle-free claim submission, transparency in claim processing and efficient payment systems have changed. Definitions of customer delight and standards for smooth and seamless services have changed as well.

In an increasingly digitized business environment, Insurers have to match customer aspirations in the market – they need to understand consumer behaviour, identify target segments, design better insurance products, charge risk commensurate premiums, sell the right solution to the right person, continuously engage customers, provide easeful after sales services and make claims settlement systems efficient. At the back-office, insurers need to reduce distribution costs and management expenses, prevent fraud and leakage, manage internal and external business risks, protect data and confirm to regulatory compliance while keeping the enterprise solvent and profitable.

In the Kenyan insurance industry, Predictive Analytics is still in its nascent stages. Organizations that handle a lot of high volume transactional data, are grappling with various challenges. Though a single solution to all these challenges cannot be provided in a classroom, through this program, the College of Insurance aims to provide the new generation of Insurers knowledge and awareness of some key developments in the field of technology, digitization and data analytics to empower them to make informed options and exclusive strategies.


  • Data Visualization: Participants would be oriented to become internal thinkers who can visualize the objectives for collecting data. They would be able to identify and appreciate various convergences – ranging from the organization’s vision, operational goals, market realities, touch-points for engaging consumers as well as marketing and service level strategies – and identify the bits of data that would serve the purpose. Participants having an IT background should be able to appreciate functions like data integration and data governance; and work as a Data Steward in his organization after attending the training.
  • Identifying and Defining Data Elements: Participants would be able to realize the importance of building clean databases comprising accurate and analyzable data elements.
  • Conforming to Standards: Participants would understand why databases have to confirm to international quality standards relating to data security, professional and regulatory protocols. Creating awareness about ISO Data Management Best Practices and Standards Insurance Data Management Association (IDMA), Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies (COBIT 5).
  • Appreciating Technology: Participants would be able to appreciate the importance of analytics strategy formulation, predictive modelling and anomaly detection algorithms, building strategy maps of business goals with specific outcomes, recognizing limitations and blind spots etc. Emerging technology trends such as Cloud computing, block chains and artificial intelligence, machine learning and Chat bots will also be discussed.


The program is designed for serious minded insurance practitioners who are working and/ or interested in the field of data analytics. Faculty involved in this program have extensive experience in academics, technology or in the insurance industry.

Cost: 30,000.00


How to apply

All candidates must follow the application steps where they provide their details and select units. An invoice will be sent to the email address of the applicant with payment instructions.

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