Effective Claims Management Seminar

Effective Claims Management Seminar



Claim Departments in insurance companies generally focus on “Claims Handling” which is the claims process with emphasis upon claim review, investigation, negotiation and settlement. This excludes emphasis upon the monitoring and lowering of claims costs. Settling insurance claims is just one aspect of the claims management process. The time it takes to process a claim involves several stages beginning with a filing a claim. The stages that follow determine if a claim has merit as well as how much the insurance company will pay. Monitoring costs throughout the claims management process determines how much of a customer’s premium rate goes toward paying for the insurance company’s administrative costs. Generally speaking, when settling a claim is delayed, it costs the insurance company more money. The higher the claims costs, the lower the profitability. Insurance customers expect a company to settle claims quickly and to their satisfaction. “Claims Management” includes both the aspects besides Customer Satisfaction and Customer Care contributing to retention of business and enhancing brand image and reputation of the company. This programme is then designed to deal with the subject in this new perspective to cover the entire gamut of Claims Management – ; its strategic role, cost-monitoring role, service aspect, dispute redressal and customer satisfaction.


This Programme aims towards enabling the participants to:

  • Appreciate the difference between “Claims Handling” and “Claims Management” ;
  • Understand intricacies of claims settlement;
  • Importance of Quality Management in Claims Management;
  • Claims estimating and reserving
  • Detecting and managing fraudulent claims;
  • Managing disputes that arise in claims;
  • To handle claims related complaints towards ultimate satisfaction of customer


  • Overview of the claims process
  • Quality in Claims Management
  • Dispute management
  • Service providers
  • Claims Estimating and Reserving
  • Claims Investigations
  • Insurance Fraud and Handling Fraudulent Claims/Money Laundering
  • Visit to an Automobile Repair works
  • Role of IRA and Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum
  • Customer Service Management through claims management


Middle level managers, branch managers, supervisors and Executives handling Technical Departments (Claims, Underwriting and Reinsurance) in Insurance Companies, Brokerage Firms, Reinsurance companies and non-insurance organisations with insurance departments.

Cost: 52,500.00


How to apply

All candidates must follow the application steps where they provide their details and select units. An invoice will be sent to the email address of the applicant with payment instructions.

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