Fundamentals of Claims Handling

Fundamentals of Claims Handling

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Claims handling service is the basis on which an insurance company is ultimately judged by clients and the key issue affecting the reputation of the insurer. The payment of legitimate claims represents the delivery of the promise at the heart of the insurance contract. Indeed, for many insurance companies, excellent claims handling service is considered to be a differentiator that distinguishes them from the competition. Excellence in claims handling is a competitive edge for an insurance company and it is a service that clients greatly value. Payment of legitimate insurance claims for losses that have been suffered by the insured is the primary reason for buying insurance. Achieving excellence in claims handling should be a fundamental objective of any insurance company.

The ultimate test or objective for insurers is that claims are handled in a consistent, yet flexible and fair manner that is transparent, accurate and timely, as well as secure and compliant. This outcome will deliver the necessary features of partnership with clients, insurance agents and (as appropriate) insurance brokers. This course is designed to give participants insights into the effective claims processing at different stages that will add value to the company’s general operations.


  • Identify the activities in the claims handling process
  • Understand application of the principles of insurance in the claims handling process
  • Understand the role of service providers in claims handling
  • Be able to handle claims arising out of the different classes of insurance
  • Understand regulation governing claims
  • Have the ability to effectively handle claims
  • Understand the role of customer relationship in managing claims.


  • Application of principles of insurance
  • The claims handling procedures
  • Determination of liability in claims and the skills required
  • Determining the extent of indemnity and evaluation
  • Importance and use of claims information
  • Third party claims
  • Effective negotiation and settlement of claims
  • Role and importance of service providers
  • Role of customer care in claims handling.


  • Lower Cadre Staff working in Claims Department
  • Staff working in Insurance Departments in Non-Insurance organizations.
  • New Staff working in claims department having no experience
  • Staff working in the branch offices
  • Staff working in brokerage firms handling claims
  • Staff working in other departs i.e. underwriting, reinsurance and finance with no exposure on claims handling processes.
  • Customer Service Officers.

Cost: 30,000.00


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All candidates must follow the application steps where they provide their details and select units. An invoice will be sent to the email address of the applicant with payment instructions.

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