Improving the Bottom Line: Insurance Company Operations

Improving the Bottom Line: Insurance Company Operations


Improving the Bottom Line: Insurance Company Operations is part of the Need to Know series, demonstrates how every employee plays a role in ensuring a company’s success. Join employees at Forthright Financial Services, a fictitious company that has established an internal excellence initiative, and experience first-hand how operational efficiency and effectiveness contribute to the company’s bottom line. Along the way, learn how life insurance companies are organized and managed, and about the roles of functional and support units in developing, distributing, issuing, and administering life insurance and annuity products. This highly interactive online course uses an engaging, multi-media approach that includes video, audio, and scenario-based learning. Integrated exams are built right into the course as part of the learning experience, so no separate exam enrollment is required. This course is an important building block to understanding how life insurance companies and other financial services institutions can operate at peak efficiency to ensure solvency, profitability, reputation, and customer loyalty. It will benefit those new to the industry, as well as any employee who has been in a specific function but needs a broader understanding of the “big picture.”


  • Insurance Company Organization and Operations
  • Corporate Governance, Ethics, and Control
  • Risk and Risk Management
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Human Resources Management
  • Information and Technology
  • Financial Management
  • Accounting, Treasury Operations, and Auditing
  • Investment Management
  • Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Product Distribution
  • New Business and Underwriting
  • Claim and Annuity Benefit Administration
  • Customer Service

Cost: 25,000.00


How to apply

All candidates must follow the application steps where they provide their details and select units. An invoice will be sent to the email address of the applicant with payment instructions.

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