International Computer Driving License (ICDL)

International Computer Driving License (ICDL)

ICDL – The World’s leading Computer Skills Certification

International Computer Driving Licence (lCDL) Foundation is an international organization dedicated to raising digital competence standards in the workforce, in education and in society. ICDL offers the world's leading end user digital skills certification. The ICDL program address the needs of employees and employers by covering a wide variety of digital skills needed for today’s workplace.

Whether you wish to achieve digital awareness, digital literacy, digital competence, or digital expertise, ICDL has a solution to meet your needs.

The International Computer Driving License (ICDL) is an international qualification which enables people to demonstrate their competence in use of computer applications. It is the most widely recognized computer qualification in the world.

The government is emphasizing on ICDL as a recognized certification hence need for the course and our modules are in line with Government policy on digital skills that meet the needs of both the public and private sectors.


Base Modules: This part consists of the following units

 Computer Essentials.
 Online Essentials.
 Word processing.
 Spread sheets.
 Presentation.
 Using Databases.
 IT security

Advanced Modules.
 Advanced Word processing.
 Advanced Spreadsheets.
 Advanced Databases.
 Advanced Presentation.

Target Group.
 New entrants into the IT field
 Students pursuing any other course
 Corporate individuals who may need computer skills for the execution of their tasks.
 Students who have done other computer packages.
 Staff working in other departments and have no exposure to computers.
 Form four leavers who are waiting to join University and other Colleges.

1 Candidate Registration Fees (CRN)      5,000.00
2 Base Modules  Tuition   Exams
Computer Essential      2,000.00      2,000.00
Online Essential      2,000.00      2,000.00
Word Processing      2,000.00      2,000.00
Spread Sheets      2,000.00      2,000.00
3 Intermediate Modules
Presentation      3,000.00      2,000.00
Online Collaboration      3,000.00      2,000.00
IT Security (Option A)      3,000.00      2,000.00
Using Databases (MS Access) (Option B)
TOTAL   22,000.00   14,000.00


Candidate Registration Fees (CRN)      3,000.00
UNIT 01: Computer Concept      1,500.00
UNIT 02: Desktop and Managing Files      1,500.00
UNIT 03: Word Processing      1,500.00
UNIT 04: Spread Sheet      1,500.00
UNIT 05: Communication/Internet      1,500.00
UNIT 06: PowerPoint      1,500.00
TOTAL   12,000.00  


Cost: 36,000.00


How to apply

All candidates must follow the application steps where they provide their details and select units. An invoice will be sent to the email address of the applicant with payment instructions.

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