International Program – Reinsurance Management

International Program – Reinsurance Management

International Participants- Executives working in General Insurance Companies in Reinsurance, Underwriting and claims


Devastating effects of natural catastrophes like earthquakes, tsunamis, floods etc. in different parts of the world, coupled with the dynamism and contemporary developments within the domestic and the international insurance and reinsurance markets, it has become imperative for insurance executives at various levels to develop advanced skills to maintain relevance with newly emerging concepts, trends and practices, on different aspects of reinsurance business.

Along with traditional practices of managing reinsurance, the insurance executives today are required to be up-to-date with emerging ideas in respect of reinsurance markets, controlling accumulations, financial security, Alternative Risk Transfer mechanisms, other issues critical to handling reinsurance business, including the use of information technology for appropriate reinsurance decisions.


  • To revisit the historical background and overview of recent trends and practices and regulatory environment in reinsurance
  • To understand the special characteristics of international reinsurance markets and Pools
  • Familiarisation with all essentials needed in fixing retentions
  • To enhance their skills to design a reinsurance Program
  • Understanding the significance and importance of Reinsurance Financial Security
  • To develop skills for effective placement and distribution of reinsurance in domestic and international markets
  • Monitoring / controlling accumulations and Nat Cat exposures
  • Understanding use of quantitative techniques in reinsurance
  • To enlighten them on Legal aspects, Clauses, Wordings and Documentation for reinsurance
  • Familiarisation with PML concepts and significance in reinsurance decision making process
  • To acquaint the participants with development of specific insurance products in the international markets that need special reinsurance
  • Reinsurance aspects of specialized classes of business like Aviation, Satellite and large Property, Engineering and Liability risks
  • ART Mechanisms in insurance risk management
  • Understanding issues surrounding Inward Reinsurance
  • To explain the importance of Reinsurance Accounting, methods and procedures
  • Appreciation of statistics and statistical analysis
  • Understanding the role and importance of communication and Information Technology
  • Appreciation of new approaches in claims management and claims procedures
  • Deliberation on perspectives of reinsurers and brokers
  • Knowledge sharing with interactive sessions.


The Program is specially designed for insurance executives in the middle management level from reinsurance departments, underwriting and claims departments, engineers, brokers as also information technology experts, whose roles and contributions would require developing specific knowledge and skills on all aspects related to the reinsurance business, processes and critical issues in reinsurance and its management.

Cost: 45,500.00


How to apply

All candidates must follow the application steps where they provide their details and select units. An invoice will be sent to the email address of the applicant with payment instructions.

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