Operational Excellence for Insurance Professionals

Operational Excellence for Insurance Professionals

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This course presents financial services from the perspective of a company’s operations management. This course focuses on practical techniques to accomplish the everyday tasks of providing financial services as efficiently as possible.


  • Define approaches companies use to improve operational efficiency, including automation and process improvements, offering desirable working conditions, providing job-relevant training and education, and using controls effectively.
  • Discuss the decision process and decision criteria that are appropriate in an environment of uncertainty, as well as different types of data distributions, such as a frequency distribution, normal, and non-normal distribution.
  • Explain the goals and activities of quality management, and describe how quality management achieves greater operational efficiency by establishing clear accountability and empowering employees.
  • Describe the importance of real-time managing in the inbound call center environment, and understand key performance indicators for contact centers, including call quality, first-contact resolution, forecast accuracy, and average call value.
  • Describe the insurance regulatory environment in the United States, and discuss the role of self-regulatory organizations (SROs) and professional organizations in defining regulatory standards.
  • Discuss how privacy regulations and regulatory requirements apply to financial service company operations, specifically accounting, financial reporting, auditing, and technology.


  • Introduction to Operational Excellence for Insurance Companies
  • Aligning Performance with Corporate Initiatives
  • Leadership for Performance Excellence
  • Motivation and Teamwork for Organizational Success
  • Decisions and Approaches to Decision Making
  • Business Research in Financial Services
  • Decision Models and Payoff Tables
  • Quantitative Modeling for Financial Services
  • Descriptive and Inferential Statistics for Operations
  • Quality and Quality Management
  • Business Process Excellence in Financial Services
  • Managing for Excellence in Contact Centers
  • External Requirements for Operations
  • Project Management in Financial Services Companies

Cost: 25,000.00


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