Pension Administration and Management

Pension Administration and Management


Overview of Kenya pension schemes

The Pension Industry in Kenya is growing by the day. Focus on this sector becomes important. This unit will provide a basic knowledge of the different types of pensions available in the Kenya, and therefore the background knowledge required to work within the pension’s profession. It covers:

  • The aspects used to differentiate between the types of pension provision available
  • The structure of occupational pension schemes
  • Alternatives to occupational pension schemes
  • General interactions between the state pension scheme and the alternatives
  • Funding and benefit structures of different Kenyan pension schemes
  • The role and impact of RBA legislation on contributions and benefits relating to occupational pension schemes
  • The bodies involved in advising, administering, governing, regulating and protecting Kenyan pension schemes
  • Annual reporting requirements relating to pension schemes in the Kenyan
  • The impacts of non-compliance with Kenyan pension scheme requirements Providing pension scheme information


Participants will gain an overall understanding of the benefits of membership of each scheme type and the effects should the members’ circumstances change.


  • Eligibility criteria for an individual to join a Kenyan pension scheme
  • How to identify the best fit pension scheme for individuals
  • The requirements of pension schemes to achieve maximum return and how pension benefits can be built up within a scheme
  • Pensions transfers and how they can benefit some individuals
  • Options for increasing service through purchasing additional years
  • Various additional voluntary contribution schemes
  • The implications that a members change in circumstances can have on their pension
  • Providing pension scheme information
  • Creating and maintaining pension scheme member records
  • Transferring into and out of pension schemes
  • Amend pension records to reflect a members change of circumstances
  • Payment of scheme benefits to pensioners
  • Working as a member of the pensions team


  • Pension Scheme Administrators


Cost: 32,500.00


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