Trustee Development Program

Trustee Development Program

This course is divided into six modules and is intended to equip the fund trustees with relevant knowledge on the operations of the pensions fund to enable them provide enlightened leadership.

Course Objectives
By the end of this course the fund trustees should be able to understand the:

  1. Basic concepts of registered pension plans, their funding and management;
  2. Governance issues that the trustees should embrace in order to provide the required leadership;
  3. Legislation that regulate various pensions schemes;
  4. Funding of various pensions schemes and their respective pensions benefits;
  5. Investment mechanisms of the pensions funds; and
  6. General management of a pension fund.


Module I   Retirement Scheme Fundamentals

  1. Why Trustee Development Program Kenya (TDPK)
  2. The Trustee “Fit”
    • Role
    • The necessary partnership
  3. The “Big” Picture
  4. Making the connections between:
    • the language
    • the products
    • the players
    • the key policies

Module II   Trustees and the Law

  1. Some Legal Basics
  2. Rules of the Game
  3. How Legislation Impacts Retirement Schemes
  4. The Retirement Benefits Act, 1997
  5. The Law and the Scheme Trustee
  6. Future Trends and Concerns for Trustees

Module III   Trustees & Governance

    1. What is Scheme Governance?
    2. The Rules of the Game
    3. The Governance Model
    4. Understanding  Why Trustee Boards Succeed
    5. Setting policy
    6. Approving strategy
      1. Evaluating their own performance
      2. Managing risk and reducing liability
    7. Canadian Industry Governance Guidelines (CAPSA)
    8. Applying the guidelines to a Governance System

Module IV   Retirement Scheme Investing & Funding

      1. Scheme Fund Investing is Different
      2. Scheme Fund Investing Concepts
      3. Prudent Investment Policy (PIP)
      4. The Investment Process
        • the investment Manager
        • the structure
        • the style
        • the mandate
      5. Monitoring, Measuring and Evaluating
      6. The difference between Funding and Investing
      7. The Funding Policy
      8. Implementing the Funding policy
      9. The Actuarial  Valuation process
      10. Using the Valuation results

Module V    Contracts and Sourcing

      1. Fiduciary Responsibilities review
      2. Finding the “right” Service Provider
      3. The Contract (“Service Agreement”)
      4. Monitoring Services
      5. Dealing with a Professional’s Unethical Behaviour

Module VI Administration and Oversight

      1. The Trustee’s Role
      2.  Retirement Benefit Scheme Administration
        • Overview
        • Handling Scheme Administration
        • Categories of Scheme Administration
        • Measuring and Monitoring the Services
      3.  The Administration Manual
      4. Changing Your Administrator

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All candidates must follow the application steps where they provide their details and select units. An invoice will be sent to the email address of the applicant with payment instructions.

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