Revision of the Examination Structures

Revision of the Examination Structures

The COI Curricula and Examinations are regularly reviewed to conform to changes within the insurance landscape, the National Curriculum and Assessment requirements in Kenya and International best practices.

Previously, our Examination Setting Framework has been based on operational tasks of insurance practice. In order to upscale this assessment model, it has become necessary to incorporate other assessment dimensions that include scenarios as the basis of our testing structure which may incorporate case studies among others. This model of testing will make practical insurance operations as the basis of the assessment.
COI is happy to share these developments with our stakeholders as this is in line with best practices in professional examinations. Students in particular will get detailed information of the changes through their regular Lecturer-Student contacts including access to sample questions in the COI website. It should however be noted that the rest of the Examination structures in terms of sections remain the same.

Thanking you for your cooperation.

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