New Exam Timetables are Out

We are pleased to announce that the Exam Timetables are now available to view on the exams section. This is your exam timetable based on your module registration. If you have any doubts about the modules on your timetable then please contact the exams department as soon as possible.

Short Courses Registration are Ongoing

The registration period is open to apply for the short courses offered at College of Insurance. The courses run between 2 – 5 days are very important in enhancing different skill sets that are possessed.    Hurry and register at the short courses section here in the website!!!  

College of Insurance Rebrands

The new logo has herald the beginning of a new chapter in the life of College of Insurance. The new logo helps to add emphasis on our professional image that truly reflects your values and identity. College of Insurance adopted a brand which is a real opportunity to build trust, convey our personality and define ourRead more

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